Tuesday, March 07, 2006

A certain 'Old-World' charm

Photo-Lab in Schenectady has been around since 1914, they've been at the corner of State and Erie since the 1930s - since George Eastman was alive. My father used to be their customer. Last year, when Kodak dropped B&W paper, the media called up Photo-Lab in Schenectady for comment.

Most of my photographic life, I've been oriented more toward Albany, or, more typically, NYC. So I don't recall EVER buying anything there: I've always been price-conscious enough that I buy my photographic supplies by the pallet, usually in NY, or wherever I find a bargain. (But come to think of it, I might have brought them a roll for processing, once. On my bicycle.)

I find myself currently woefully low on my inventory of roll film, waiting for my springtime expedition to B&H. But, the other Saturday I happened to find myself in Schenectady (when they were actually open!) and dropped in at Photo-Lab to purchase A Film. A Film for My Rollei.

"One roll of your slowest 120, please".
I paid cash.

I felt like Bertie Wooster:
It was like the 20th Century had never happened.
(Or most of it, anyway.)

(PS: I'm going to send it in for processing on a Kodak mailer.)

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