Friday, November 04, 2005

Stock up before the hoarders

First it was120 kodachrome, which I missed (mid-'90s). Then K25, which I also missed ( a couple years ago).. Last year, it was Tech Pan, which I actually heard about in time to stock up on some cans of bulk. Agfa 25 went away at some point, too. This spring, EK discontinued B&W paper, but I have too much paper already.

Agfa has been in bankrupcy twice this year: in October, they announced that the rescue negiotations had failed, and production would cease by the end of the year. I made an efffort to stock up on Rodinal. B&H won't ship. Central Camera in Chicago has some in -store, but they don't list it on-line. Out at Adorama. Not at Ritz. Freestyle lists it, took my money, but it's back-ordered. When the shipment arrived, no Rodinal, so I ordered more from Unique.

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