Friday, July 29, 2005

The Spirit of Weegee Endures

Wednesday evening, one of the flyover ramps in the spaghetti junction here below my office suffered expansion-joint failure.
(Strictly speaking, it was contraction joint failure: the temp dropped from about 88F to about 66F, so the highest, longest, curviest span in the I-787/Dunn Memorial Bridge/Empire State Plaza ganglia decided to contract, and one end of the roadbed slipped off its pillar, and dropped 2-3 feet. I use this ramp when I come back to the office from my lunchtime visits to Bethlehem. I'm told this ramp is 89' in the air. Someone discovered this discontinuity the hard way, by driving over it. That must have been electrifying.)

So ALL the ramps were closed for a while for inspection; now some are open, but it's still a mess.

Anyway, this provided an excuse for me to dust off my long lenses and go out to play city-paper photojournalist. So I went out at lunch and poked around downtown, looking for a nice vantage point.

I learned that there ARE uses for a 300mm lens.

It was fun.

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