Monday, July 11, 2005

Not as easy as it looks, now, is it, Mr. Smarty-Pants?

I just spent an hour poking around the template code, trying to tinker with the details (well, mostly with the color scheme) of the place, and I've learned a couple things:

1) These "rounded corners everywhere" are quite pesky: their colors have to be carefully set to match. or they stand out much like photo-mount corners in an album.

2) I have some ideas for re-decorating the place in a new color scheme, but tinkering with the default settings involves more thought than I've ever given in my entire life to the question of color-coordination.

In my ordinary life, I'm just a guy; I might flatter myself that I know a little bit more color theory than the average guy, but I can't quite say that I've ever lost any sleep over questions of home-decoratation or wardrobe colors. In my day job, I have an entire Art Department of trained, professional Graphic Designers on hand to think about this stuff for me. (Not so easy, now, is it?) Even I can see that the intermediate steps (changing a single piece here, then another there) are noticeably uglier than the default settings. (Especially with those damn rounded corners lurking around with their camoflage now glaringly revealed.) So I'm going to have to read and master the entire template and change it at once; either that, or inflict a wincingly ugly blog on any innocent readers who happen by during the change-over. Which leads to the third thing I've learned:

3) Mere mortals can use and possibly even master HTML.

All I need now is another six hours in the day, say, and I can someday find the time to revise the layout here.



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