Sunday, July 10, 2005

Department of "Man, I love the 21st Century" (I)

Another reason to love the 21st Century:

take a look at the wikipedia article on the 7/7 terrorist bombings

and then realize that this is much, much better news coverage than you've seen in any other news source.
It's drastically better as a round-up than you'll see in the newsweeklies or even in the Sunday NYT.

Now obviously, the Wiki article is a compilation of 'main-stream media' sources, but one merit it has is that it does not make the assumption that the reader is a complete idiot.

Addendum: George Bush went to the British Embassy in Washington to repeat his untrue remark that "This is why we're fighting them in Baghdad - so that we won't have to fight them at home."

How many in his audience, um, call London home??

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