Friday, November 11, 2005

Just like Christmas

Today (Veterans Day) is a holiday, and a cold winter morning. I slept in late, stumbled downstairs to make coffee, and - when I opened the door to compost the old coffee grounds - there on the porch was a FedEx package. It really felt like Christmas morning. What could it be?

Why, Freestyle came through with my Rodinal order! They had back-ordered me a couple weeks ago, and - as Agfa has stopped production - I assumed that it would never come.

When it didn't come from Freestyle in LA, I turned around and ordered some from Unique in NJ, which arrived a week ago, in about 36 hours. Now I seem to have a lifetime supply fully two liters. At 1:100, that's 800 rolls of 35mm; but still 200 rolls even at a more rational 1:25 dilution. (Which sounds like an insane amount of film, but I seem to have something like 140 rolls of B&W on hand....)

Poking around my darkroom, I find that my lifetime supply of Rapid Fix is looking pretty dubious. I may need to buy some useable fixer before I proceed here.

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