Friday, November 11, 2005

Paying it forward

On Tuesday morning, my old buddy Rod turned on the Bat Signal: his son Andrew (now 19 and a college sophomore) is taking a photogrpahy course and could use a camera, as Rod's hand-me-down Oly gear is falling apart.

"What I’m leaning towards right now is an older manual focus system, and even manual exposure system, though one that can do aperture priority and shutter priority exposure (as well as manual) would be okay. He needs a 30ish to 70ish zoom or near normal fixed lens and a 70ish to 200ish longer zoom as well.

"So my question is, what do you recommend, and more importantly, perhaps one of you has some equipment we could buy or rent."

Well, he's come to the right place. I just happen to have a spare F3. And a drawer full of spare lenses.

It went out Thursday.

Nearly thirty years ago, back on 25th Street, Rod was the guy who taught me how to load and develop film.

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