Monday, November 14, 2005

Up against the wall

Come the revolution, the guys who spec'd the "USB" connector(s) are going to be held to account.

The teenager seems to have mislaid the digital-camera-to-USB cable. the threats have escalated, but it still has not turned up. Time to buy a replacement/spare.

In my innocence, _I_ thought that there were FOUR kinds of connectors called "USB". Then I went out to buy the one I needed.
Turns out that there are at least EIGHT. It's not just "A" and "B" in male and female: no, there's also "Mini". In 5-wire and 4-wire versions, male and female.

(see, frex the list of THIRTY-FIVE "USB" connectors at : )

Which would be fine: After all, Mao taught us, "Let a thousand flowers bloom, let them contend" etc.

a) Why are they ALL called "USB" ?
b) Why aren't they all available in the storewhen you need them ??

This could be the foundation of a political party: "Find those responsible for the USB-connector spec and bring them to justice."

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