Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Danny's New! Improved! Album Quiz

Over on Making Light, as 2006 was winding down,
Bruce Adelsohn on Open Thread 77 introduced us to the terrors of the Planet Rock Album Quiz.

A few of us there (I see Tim Walters, Rikibeth, abi, otherdeb, and myself) kicked it around a while, but then the thread moved on to other topics, and then it died out, as all threads must.

Well, I told my old college-radio buddies about the Planet Rock Album Quiz.

And one of my friends ran with the idea:

All the people I work with got hooked on the Planet Rock album quiz, but they all had the same reaction: too much Heavy Metal, and not enough ’80s bands. I took this as a challenge, and so here's the 1980s (give or take a few years) version of the quiz. See how you do:

Danny’s New! Improved! Version of the 'Album Quiz'.

I found it to be even more maddening than the original.



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