Saturday, June 10, 2006

Today's Story from the A-V Department

Ok, I've been shooting slides for 30 years or so;
by now, I must have close to 10^4 mounted,
with another couple thousand transparencies
that I might yet mount.

Kodak stopped production of slide projectors about two years ago.
I've heard that this year they very abruptly stopped support, too.

Which makes me a little anxious about being so
deeply committed to what's now essentially a dead medium.

So - in addition to stockpiling bulbs and trays for my Carousel projector -

I just bought a Bell & Howell "Ringmaster" from OGS surplus, as a backup.
Ten bucks. (It works, too.)

Getting it home, I discovered that it's not just one of the models
with sound - - it's actually one of the _recording_ models
(a "779B", from about 1977).

Here's a recognition silhouette :
Note the slot for a cassette.

Which means that I now have the capability
to record my own synchronized narration onto cassette.

I'll have to poke around and figure out how the sync tone works.

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