Sunday, August 08, 2010


When I was about 5, my family took me on a family vacation that included a factory tour of Hershey's.

I seem to have been deeply imprinted by the experience of meeting a 1000-gallon open vat of liquid chocolate.

In the mid-80s, I took my new bride to Hershey - only to discover that THEY NO LONGER GAVE FACTORY TOURS. (Instead, they tried to send you on an amusement park ride that described the process. Not the same. No.)

With a little research (this was pre-internet...), I discovered that Hershey of Canada still offered factory tours, so the next year we went up to Smiths Falls Ontario, and took the tour.

This year, I was going to take my kids to Ontario, and figured I'd check out Hershey.

"The factory that produced Hershey Kisses and other confections for 45 years closed its doors in December 2008, when the chocolate giant relocated its manufacturing operation to Mexico.

"The move put 400 townspeople out of work and took with it the town's main tourist attraction, which drew about 425,000 visitors per year."

This is my Sad Face :(

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