Sunday, August 01, 2010

Annals of DIY II

I spent a very pleasant morning running three more tanks of b&w film.

In their wisdom, Kodak has discontinued the one-liter size of XTOL developer... so, if you want to use the stuff, you now have to buy the FIVE-liter package.

Five liters of stock developer is a LOT of soup. XTOL can be cut 1:3, so that's potentially up to 80 rolls of film. A preposterous amount of soup.

Now, I had A FOURTEEN YEAR BACKLOG of b&W film waiting for processing - I've done something like 32 rolls this month - and so far, I've used up a total of three of the five liters. (I'm still a few rolls from being caught up, but I think everything that's left is at least from this year.)

A liter will developer as few as 2 rolls of 120 film (full strength), or as many as 16 rolls of 35mm (diluted).

The stock solution supposedly keeps reliably for two months, maybe six.

So (ignoring my backlog still on hand) I now have to go out and shoot somewhere between (minimally) [four rolls in the Rollei], and (maximally...)[32 rolls of 35mm], in order to efficiently use the developer Kodak sold me. In the next month or so.

Sometime soon I run out of acetic acid, and will have to get myself to a Real City to buy more, as there's none for sale locally, and it's prohibitively expensive to ship. (It comes under HazMat rules.)

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