Saturday, April 03, 2010

Things Found While Looking Up Other Things

I was at the post office today and learned that the USPS has issued a set of "Abstract Expressionist" stamps. A set which includes one of Motherwell's "Elegies to the Spanish Republic".

And an hour later, my brain made the association and started autoplaying the Clash's "Spanish Bombs".

And looking up the cover photographer (Pennie Smith) of their iconic "London Calling" album led me to finding out that...

...those wild-and-crazy guys over at the Royal Mail have issued a set of 10 "Classic Album Covers" postage stamps.

I don't know which is the most improbable - each one is less likely than all the others... (Let it Bleed? David Bowie?? Joy Division???)

(But note that there's still no "Never Mind the Bollocks..." stamp.)

And easily obtainable at eBay.


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