Sunday, May 06, 2007

"That, I believe, is some sort of record"

I went to four library sales within 48 hours. ("I've had 18 straight whiskies; I think this is a record.")

Thursday noon: Albany Public Library's weekly sale.

Thursday evening: the "Friends of the Berkshire Atheneum"s preview sale.
(Pittsfield is about 34 miles from my office, but I think that there are fewer traffic lights between points A and B than I encounter on my normal commute home. And - on a glorious May afternooon - there are worse things to be doing than cruising over the Berkshires in the Miata. I came home with a boxful of books on the passenger seat.)

Friday noon: East Greenbush Public Library.
(My lovely wife even joined me there for this one.)

Saturday morning: my traditional volunteer gig, helping with set-up at the Schenectady County sale.

(For about twenty years, I've helped with set-up at the Schenectady sale. Fred Thompson has now drafted me to help him staff the 'Better Records' table, too. But - as a reward - he comp'd me the few items I had picked up off his table. )

I'd say that "I Have No Life", except that I did squeeze in some non-book-related activities during this burst: on Friday night, the whole family went to my daughter's 'Game Fest' night for her softball league (and saw the fireworks); AND I made it to her Saturday afternoon game, too.

The four sales must have cost me nearly 80 bucks out-of-pocket, including my 'Friends of the BA' membership. Even at 'library sale' prices, books add up. ($1 APL, $36.50 BA, $14 EGPL, ~$25 SCPL). But: see my LT list of recent acquisitions... that's a LOT of books.)

However, all of this silly running-about-advancing-behavior scarcely leaves any time for important stuff, like surfing the internet. (Or blogging.)


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