Monday, May 28, 2007

The 31st Annual RF Memorial Cook-Out

At the end of the Spring '77 semester, we were dropping like flies. Glenn gave up and retreated back home; I lacked enough credits to graduate on time; and Rod flamed out spectacularly, and was about to go home to Pittsburgh.

To cheer ourselves up, we were going to throw an end-of-semester cook-out for our entire circle, and stage it as a surprise going-away bash for Rod.

Well, surprise: Rod got an interview with Allegheny Steel and left.

We looked at each other, and at the pile of provisions, shrugged, and had the cook-out in his honor anyway, figuring, well, he didn't actually need to be there in any event. We remembered to call him up on the phone and tell him what a good time we were having.

Which began an annual tradition: an end-of-semester/Memorial Day Cook-Out.

This is number 31 in the series.

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